Have you ever tried to browse or see how the files are cached by Firefox browser? Most of you know that every browser keeps cache of of the websites you visit in your browser and hence the files associated with those websites. Cache is helpful most of times if you want to recheck what sites you have visited sometime back. Also its essential for proper functioning of your browser.

Cache files are helpful to grab the audio or video files many times or images saved inside it. But if you ever try to view the cache folder of Firefox, it will be almost useless for anyone as it contains files in a different format and different sizes.

MozillaCacheView can help us view the cache files in a much simpler way and view them or extract them for our use if required. It gives you a full list of all files currently stored in the Firefox browser cache. Files are associated with URL, Content type, File size, Last modified time, Last fetched time, Expiration time, Fetch count, Server name, and more making it easier for everyone to find something they are looking for.

If you like to extract some file / files from the cache , it can be easily extracted by selecting it from the cache list, and then easily extracting them to a convenient folder. It automatically detects your Firefox cache folder and makes the list of files inside it.

It works on Windows 98 to Windows 7. Also, it can be used on any Mozilla based browser not just Firefox.

Download MozillaCacheView here.