For quite sometime after Avinashtech 2nd Birthday celebrations, we have not organised any giveaway. Thanks to Bennie from EASEUS, we are offering a 96 hours (4 days) unlimited giveaway of EASEUS Todo Backup Professional 2.5. I have written a detailed review about it. Just refer that review for more details. It is one of the best backup solution I have ever used.

Developers Description

Best solution to avoid data loss, caused by system crash, hard disk failure, or virus attack, is to back up files and system in advance. EASEUS Todo Backup Professional is advanced and fast data backup & system disaster recovery software for home users, full protecting your personal photos, music, financial data, documents, applications, etc.

The giveaway will start tomorrow, 21st May  ~8 PM IST (+530 GMT) and will last for next 96 hours i.e 4 days. It will be open to all and no preconditions or rules need to be followed to download this.