Bitdefender, the popular Antivirus solution providers for PC, released Bitdefender Mobile security for Android mobile devices which will keep your Android mobile devices safe from malicious applications. The application is available for free and is cloud based which means it needs to communicate with Bitdefender servers to scan your device. It also provides you information about various applications installed on your system which access your private data or communicate online .

It includes a on demand scanner, a security audit tool and a event viewer. The application can be run on demand only and not real-time. There was no performance issues when I installed it on my Android LG P500. Did a full scan and it was quite fast. As the application doesn’t run in background, there are no performance issues. You can run it whenever you need it.

It scans for malicious applications whenever a new application is installed. It also keep tracks of important changes, system messages, status changes and each application permission requirements like accessing your sensitive data, connecting online etc.

It requires a Internet connection to run as the service is cloud based.

You can download it from Android Market or by using the QR code below (You will need Bar code Scanner application to scan the QR Code).