We love Gmail for loads of innovative features it provides compared to other webmails.  Few months back, We talked about one such feature which lets you Translate and read Gmail mails in your language in Inbox automatically.

Today we will talk about another great feature of Gmail called Undo Send mailwhich lets you stop mail from being sent even after you have hit the send button in Gmail interface. This Feature basically just adds a time delay of few seconds to your email on the Gmail server before being sent off from the server.

The feature is useful often when you make some typo mistake, or forget to add all recipients or forget to Put subject in the email or even forget to add any attachment etc.


“Undo send” is a Google Labs feature which is not enabled by default. We need to enable it. You just need to browse to to Gmail Settings>> Labs to find the “Undo send” mail option.

After that, just select the enable  in undo send feature and save the settings.

After you have enabled the feature, you can customise the time delay before the mail is finally sent or the time interval  till you can undo send mail after you have clicked  send button. By default, the time interval is set to 5 seconds. I have set it to 20 seconds for myself.

Just navigate to Gmail settings>>General

After that use the drop down to change the time delay. You can set it to a maximum value of 30 seconds.

You are all done. From now on, You will see a option of undo send after you have sent mail for a time period set by you and if you clicked undo, the mail wont be sent from the server and you can make amends if required.