Skype version 4.0 is finally released with a new bigger interface along with many bug fixes and features improvements plus a bunch of new features.Main focus for version 4.0 of its popular Voice Over Internet Protocol video and voice call services was on improving video and audio quality of skype. Some of the features which Skype provides are:

  1. Bigger video :- Feel like you’re talking face-to-face with great sound and picture. Fill your screen with the faces you love.
  2. Best-ever sound :- Calls are crystal clear and even more reliable. Plus our ‘smart help’ picks up any sound issues and helps you fix them during a call.
  3. Juggle conversations :- Pick up and switch between conversations. Organise everything in one main screen or choose separate windows for each conversation.
  4. Skype 4.0 features a new, improved audio codec that gives better quality sound while “using 50 per cent less bandwidth”.
  5. Skype 4.0 also packs in a bandwidth manager which automatically also alters the video quality to ensure you get the best quality video calling to match your connection speed.
  6. The interface is a big one but can be reduced to compact mode just like previous versions of skype by changing the options.

One of the riders i found when i was installing Skype 4.0, i found ebay browser highlights option as shown here below.

Download Skype 4.0 here.