Many of you may have used Opera browser. For those of you who are operaignorant about what opera is, here’s a brief info. Opera is free browser just like Mozilla firefox offering some great features just like Firefox.

Opera browser provides too good features but its still lot to do to gain worldwide acceptability. The share of opera in browser space is still in single digits. They are trying to catch on though. Opera 10 Release candidate is now available for download now.

The Opera 10 release candidate is feature complete, with a surprising array of new features, a fresh look and feel, a new application icon, and enhanced speed and performance. Opera 10 features Opera Turbo, the new bandwidth-booster for slow Internet connections.

It also features a significantly improved Opera Mail, Opera’s built-in e-mail client. Tabbed browsing enters the next phase of its evolution with resizeable, thumbnail tabs. The upgrade of Opera’s Speed Dial now gives users a chance to personalize their favorite online destinations and the overall look and feel of their start page.

Opera 10 is much faster on resource intensive pages such as Gmail and Facebook and is more than 40% faster compared to previous version of opera. That’s a incredible jump. I have downloaded the RC version and found it quite fast.

You can download and test the release candidate from