Thanks to Mike (Our Forum MOD), we are giving away 5 license keys of Diskeeper Professional to Avtechies at Forum. Grr, our Forum MOD too, has done a detailed review of Diskeeper Professional 2011 and everyone should read it to see if they need that software for them or not. Unfortunately, the Giveaway is only available at Avinashtech Forum and You need to be a member of the Forum to participate in this Giveaway. If you are not a member of forum, you can register for FREE.

Developers Description

Diskeeper® 2011 Professional edition data performance software elevates PC performance automatically by eliminating fragmentation related problems before they occur, without competing for system resources — so it won’t slow you down while you work or play. With new “just-in-time” Instant Defrag™ technology to handle any fragmented data that wasn’t prevented, within seconds or milliseconds of occurring, and the new free space consolidation engine swiftly cleaning up your free space, you will never have to access performance-impended fragmented files ever again.

In short, what you should expect after you use this software:

  • Overall faster PC speeds
  • Fastest file access speeds
  • Fastest boot up times
  • Fastest backup times
  • Fastest application speeds
  • Fastest anti-virus scans
  • Fastest internet browsing speeds
  • Fastest read & write times
  • Increased system stability
  • Increased PC performance
  • Reduced PC slows, lags & crashes
  • Reduced I/O activity
  • Reduced file corruption and data loss
  • Increased hardware lifespan
  • Lower energy costs

You can read the review and get more information about rules etc. at Giveaway thread at Forum.

Start participating. Hope to catch everyone at forum.