How often you are annoyed by a particular web services like social networking sites e.g. (twitter, facebook). blogging site or even you email service provider (e.g. Yahoo, hotmail) for one reason or the other? Or How often you want to delete your account from these services? Most of the time its difficult to find the link for deletion or what will happen to the your data after deleted or deactivation or how much time it will take to delete or deactivate it. is a great place to get info about deletion of account from all major social networking, blogging & email services with detailed instructions for every website or service. It also provides instructions on how to get the it back if you have deleted it accidentally.

At present it provides detailed instructions for 26 web services and its listed based on alphabetical order. You can just click on any of them to view the instructions for that particular service.

Here is what you get on clicking on Facebook, the detailed instructions of deleting or deactivating your facebook account. It also provides you information about the difference between the deactivation and deletion which is great as many users do not have any idea about the difference.

Obviously these instructions or information is collected from respective webpages of the service provider and collected at same place. So next time, if you want to delete a account, just proceed to this website to get the instructions for deletion in a single click.

Via : Techiebuzz