Majority of twitter user sometime or the other feel like a limitation of 140 characters for tweets restrict their ability to express their thoughts. But right now, twitter doesn’t allow any tweet greater than 140 characters.  Either you need to cut short your tweet or you need to find perfect small words for your tweet. or you may post more than one tweet.

But thanks to third party clients like Tweetdeck, it is possible to create and read tweets greater than 140 characters. Tweetdeck utilizes its own shortening service which shortens the characters of your tweet which exceed the 140 character limit as imposed by twitter. The exceeding part of tweet is put as a short URL when tweet is posted. You need not do anything special, just keep typing in Tweetdeck straight past the character limit and it will take care of the rest. If someone wants to read the full tweet, then he needs to click that URL to read the full tweet.

Keep in mind that you need a Tweetdeck Client to be installed on your system or mobile if you want to use that feature. For the time being, no web interface is provided but hopefully we can get a web interface too in future even though we got no word about this from Tweetdeck developers. It is available on Desktop, Android and Chrome but still to come on iPhone and iPad.