As many of you know, I have shifted to a new Webhost and also a new Look at the Forums. I was just trying to find a good looking, clean and simple skin for the Forum. I was able to find a great style or skin for the forum. But then again I wanted to have a cool and matching logo with the theme. As many of you know, I am bad in graphics I started searching for tools which can help me create a good logo easily without requiring any Graphics knowledge.

I found a great online tool called Cooltext which lets you design great logos, web graphics, graphics buttons and much more online very easily. For using this you do not need any knowledge of Graphics editing tools like Photoshop or Gimp. The website provides a excellent collection of fonts plus textures etc.

It provides you a excellent set of styles which you can choose and can customize it according to your needs. It gives you option to change colors, add textures, text pattern, Gradients and much more. You can even use a background image .

The amount of options available under each parameter like texture, gradient etc. are not just few but too many. You can just choose one that fits best for you.

You can edit and change anything just with a click of your mouse including colors, fonts, textures, gradients and everything else. All along the process , you wont feel like its hard to create a good logo or you need to be a expert in Photoshop or Gimp to do this.

It also provides option to save either in PSD, PNG or Gimp format. That is a great feature as it makes it too easy if you want to do more editing in your Graphics application. I have never seen a online tool that provides a PSD of the image created for FREE.

After you are done with your editing and selection, just click on render Logo and you are done. On next page you have option of downloading , email or edit it again.

The logo which you see right now on Avinashtech Forum is created using Cooltext Only. Give it a try If you need some logo or you are bad in Graphics tool. This tool can create logos and graphics in just few seconds.