So finally its celebrations time. Thanks to support from everyone, Avinastech completes 2 years today. The journey has been filled with mixed stuff with bumpy ride often. Still thanks to support from family, forum members and readers made Avinashtech reach here today.

For those who doesn’t know me much, here is a small intro about me. I am a Mechanical engineer by profession and a computer freak by passion. I am in no way ever studied anything about computers or software. Whatever I write on blog, comes from my own experience.

So what else, I would love to get a bit personal with everyone here. If you wish, Would love to know your name, what brings you here at Avinashtech and any other detail you can share with me. Keep in mind the information is public here, so share only the info which you are comfortable sharing with.

I have tried hard to make this Birthday celebrations a grand one. We are giving away software licenses and other stuff worth more than $30,000. Yes you read that figure correctly.

Everyone can take part in these Giveaways  with a small exception that Forum members will get more weight-age ( 50% more to be precise) in the giveaways Draw.

Also, I am scrapping the feedback rule from previous giveaways which means even those who have not given feedback can participate in these giveaways.

So Enjoy these celebrations.