I bet everyone of you who have a mobile is frustrated by loads of unwanted calls and SMS daily even though you don’t want even a single one. Even registering on “Do not Disturb” DND service is of no use as these unwanted calls and SMS keep coming. Its very difficult to block them as even your cell operator pleads that it got no role in that even though we know it does.

Many cell companies do offer you something like blocking unwanted calls and SMS using their “Addon service” which lets you block unwanted calls and SMS using some whitelist and blacklist feature. But that comes with a monthly pricetag.

Today we will talk about a Android Free App which can help you Block unwanted calls and SMS. “Easy Filter” is a free app available in Android market which lets you Block unwanted calls and SMS easily and effectively by adding a call number to the list from your contact, call logs, message logs or manually. Features include filter records, auto response and other various settings.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it gives you a option to block All or just block the block list or just allow contacts or block everyone except blocklist.You can choose one option based on your comfort. Personally, I allow all calls only from my contact list. So any call that comes from a number not in my contact list, it will enter into Hangup mode and call will end.

The screenshot below shows that you can adjust these settings on what to do when a unwanted call comes. I have the option of end call on my phone. You can choose what fits you.

It also gives you a option to send a SMS when the unwanted call or SMS is blocked. You also get a notification.

You can view the unwanted calls or SMS that got blocked later on and get back to any number which should not be blocked.

So, if you are on a Android Phone and you want to Block unwanted calls and SMS easily  you must grab this Easy Filter App. You can grab it using the QR code below or try directly by searching in Android Market. You need the barcode scanner app for scanning the QR code.

If you use something similar to Block unwanted calls and SMS on your phone, we would like to hear from you.