AVG has been one of the security vendors who are providing a free anti virus solution for home users with good enough capabilities. It is being used widely by users all over the world who cant afford to have a expensive solution for anti virus. Apart from AVG some other vendors too though very few provide a free anti virus solution like Avast.

AVG  announced the availability of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.5. This latest version of AVG Technologies’ popular and widely-used free security software now adds LinkScanner Active Safe-Surf real-time protection to the existing anti-virus, anti-spyware and safe-searching capabilities.

I will be talking about Linksccanner only here as other capabilities are well known and if any one of you require me to do a review of AVG or  any other anti virus here on Avinashtech, just leave your comments here or in the forum.

A look at AVG LinkScanner technology

  • Safe Search. LinkScanner Search-Shield checks Google, Yahoo! & MSN search results as you search and places safety ratings next to each link.
  • Safe Surf. LinkScanner Active Surf-Shield scans each and every web site and web link within a Web site before you open them to ensure they are safe.
  • Safe Link Scan. AVG scans every Web link you come across, whether in e-mails, documents or instant messages, no matter the source, before you open them to ensure you are protected in advance 100% of the time.

    Safe Search with AVG LinkScanner

  • Safe Favorites & Bookmark Scan. AVG scans all your favorite and bookmarked sites before you open them to ensure they are safe.
  • Safe URL Scan. If you type your favorite site address (URL) into your browser, AVG will scan the contents of the site before you open it to ensure it is safe.
  • Safe Download Scan. AVG will scan all new applications you want to install as well as all Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other documents and music, videos and pictures to ensure they are safe before you download them.
  • Safety Ratings. Site specific safety details are displayed by simply hovering over the safety icons.

Download AVG 8.5 free here.