We have often talked about cloud storage services like Dropbox, Sugarsync etc. which offer free cloud storage of 2GB and 5 GB respectively to its basic users. Some other services like Comodo and Ubuntu one recently too started giving out 5 GB free cloud storage to its basic users. Each of these services have their own selling points and they do outsmart their competition in one or more parameters. Still Dropbox is still way ahead from its competition though Sugarsync is catching Dropbox a bit now.

Today we will talk about another service from CX.com which is offering a full 10GB cloud storage for free to its users. Even though the service is not too old but its not new also. Recently CX.com have revamped their offerings  with their old offering of free 10 GB of space, but with revamped web site and overhauled client apps.


Store all your stuff with CX.

Basic Account which is Free comes with 10GB of Cloud storage space for free. If you refer you friends then you can get up to 16GB total space.m amounts for whatever you need.  All this comes with 256 bit encryption, redundant backups and firewall protection.

Sync effortlessly across devices.

CX comes with Apps for your mobile devices including iPhone and iPad. Android App is still under development and will be available soon. Hence, you can sync all your stored data on as many devices as you want.

Share the way you want.

It also comes with public or private file-sharing options and sharing on your favorite social networks.

Collaborate for fun or work.

It comes with loads of collabration features like each file has a comment stream. Share a file, and CX users can comment on it too. You can join or create a group and everyone can join the conversation, edit files or add new ones.

Discover new ideas, new friends, and more.

You can use the Discover feature to see what others are publishing across CX. It lets you find people with similar interests and join in conversations across the web.

As is the case with any other cloud storage service, you need to install a client on your computer or device to start syncing files. You can even manage all your files from the web interface easily using your login credentials. In terms of features, they do look good and compareable to their competition. But its the final user experience which decides the fate of many of these services and hence we need to wait for some real feedback from its users over a considerable amount of time on how it works for them.

Looks like they do plan to either remove this 10 GB free account later on or may be they will reduce the storage capacity for Free accounts to somewhat lower value like other services say 5 GB, as they they are terming this 10 GB account as a Limited time offer on their plans and pricing Page. So grab it fast.