Most of you may haven’t heard of yahoo meme. But most of you will be knowing about twitter. So what the relation between yahoo meme and Twitter. Basically , yahoo meme is a twitter like service offered by Yahoo which was till now in private beta and accessible only by invite.


But now, it has opened up for public though its still in beta. So why you should use yahoo meme, if you have twitter. There are a few advantages that yahoo meme offers over twitter.

  • There is no character limit as in twitter.
  • It accepts direct picture to be shared.
  • You can post video and audio directly instead of links.

Its not sure whether the opening up for registrations is permanent or temporary. So if you want to get a hand on it, just make a account there using your yahoo account or create a new one.

You can follow me there if you wish by clicking here.

Visit Yahoo Meme