Just two days back, we had this Panda Internet Security and ZoneAlarm Pro Giveaway. I would like to say here, I didn’t expected such a response to it. That’s why i said it as Small Giveaway.

But thanks to Murphy at Raymond.cc forum, i got a huge response to this giveaway which resulted in lot of work for me. I had to remove duplicate emails, collect email addresses and much more. I have used Random.org List Randomiser and comments number (till @ 8 PM IST) to arrive at the winners list.

Anyway cutting story short, here’s the list of Winners.

Panda Internet Security :

  1. Unster

ZoneAlarm Pro :

  1. Spasit
  2. Mesmerized

The list is final and I have tried to take care of the choices but one of you didn’t get what you asked for, but i cant help.

I will be sending confirmation mail in next 24 hours max. You need to reply to that mail and I will send the license after that. This is done to see that if someone is not interested in the license, i can give it to next guy.

Another giveaway of 5 license of Tidysongs is going on, rest of you guys can test your luck there.