Here’s another giveaway going passed on and without any hiccups this time. There wont be any scope this time for someone to misuse this giveaway. The winner selection took lot of time this time. Someone may ask why?

If you guys have read my post carefully, I had written that quality of posts can influence the selection of winners. So this time, The winner selection was done by combination of two methods. First using List Randomiser and Second, Quality of comment. Obviously, comments like count me in only, were disqualified.

So here’s the list of winners. The licenses will be sent to them in max of 24 hours from the post publish time.

Congrats to all the winners. I would like all the winners to provide a feedback about the software after they test it. They can provide the feedback in the Forum.

Update :- Licenses sent. Check your spam/Junk folder if you cant find the license.