Windows 10 came with its own set of new problems with issues such as compatibility of Antivirus solutions such as Kaspersky with the new operating system. Even though Windows 10 compatible versions of Kaspersky products are already released, people are facing some issues sooner or later.

We will talk about one of these issues here. Kaspersky Internet security 2016 users on Windows 10 are unable to pin-unpin start menu items. When the computer is fully boot up and users try to pin or unpin items to the start screen then nothing happens and the items won’t appear/disappear from the start menu. Apart from this behavior, the newly installed programs or applications won’t appear in start menu unless the computer is rebooted. This problem disappears if the user uninstalls the Kaspersky Internet security from the computer and then everything works perfectly.

Kaspersky has acknowledged this as a bug and they are working on a fix. In fact they appear to have fixed the bug with a patch, but the update is yet to be rolled out to the users. The update will be released with other security updates and is currently available under beta testing.


Till the update rolls out to users, you can use the following workarounds to get past this bug.

  1. You can log off and log on again or restart the system.
  2. Just restart explorer.exe. You can do that by Right click taskbar >> task manager  >> more details. Find explorer and right-click restart

Via: Kaspersky Forums