Few months back i wrote about CPU-Z which provides information about hardware installed on your computer system. Another similar tool called Speccy provides you almost same kind of information but with more details. It also provides info regarding your operating system.

All the good stuffIt is an advanced System Information tool giving you details about central processing unit CPU, RAM, motherboard chipset, Hard Disk, Graphics Card & other hardware features of a modern personal computer, and presents the information in one window.

speccy hardware detailsIf you need more details about specific hardware component, then you can click individual hardware component tab located at right column of the application. The tool is very easy to run just like any other window application. It analyses your system and in few seconds provide all the details about your system.

All this info is very useful if you are trying to troubleshoot or solve some hardware or software problem. Also for those of you, who take help of telephone customer support from software/hardware vendors, this tool helps you to provide exact details of your system to the support.

[Download Speccy]