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Here is another great utility for day to day use without a price tag.Many of you would like to have some of your files private and hidden from other users with a strong encryption be it personal files or sensitive business or work related files.Here is the solution.TrueCrypt is a software system for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted volume (data storage device).

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just making this post to inform you all that many of you may have felt that the site layout is having some error with the two columns at right being shown below the first column.I am aware of this and trying to fix it…cant figure out why its happening as everything was all right before i started to move to my new domain.Just bear with me till i m able to fix it.Most probably it will be fixed when the domain transfer is completed from blogspot to my new domain

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The program does its best to recognize new files automatically, but unknown ones are added to a pending list, which allows you query Comodo’s master database for more information or submit files for review.Comodo Internet Security is at par on expectations, and recommended for anyone that is after a unified solution for malware, virus, and intrusion defense without any price tag.

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