Most of you know that Linux is far more stable and secure than Windows. But why so many people are still using Windows? (I dual boot Linux and Windows :)) Internet has revolutionized and changed the way we live daily.

On internet we do many things daily, from meeting friends to banking online. Security is a major concern for such netizens. We already know that Linux is more secure than Windows, but why are we still sticking to Windows and fall prey to hackers?

I want to share my opinion on why Linux has failed to impress windows users.

Windows impressive…

User Interface : I think there is no other operating system that is so easy and has a simple user interface as Windows. Bill Gates & Co. had done a brilliant job in making a very easy-to-use user interface. Even a beginner can master Windows within no time.

Since my inception of the idea of Linux it is known to be an operating system for Geeks. Many people are scared to use Linux, because the user interface is not as easy as Windows, that’s why many people don’t recommend Linux. Recently Linux-makers are working so hard to make the user interface friendly and till now they’ve done a good job.

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So many softwares : You can do almost anything on Windows. Windows has very huge variety of software database with which you can accomplish any kind of work. This is where Linux loses a lot.

The two points that we discussed above are enough to decide whether an operating system succeed or fail. Another important area next to above two areas is Security and this is the only area where Linux wins. But, without an easy user interface it is useless to have great security.

Linux – self goal?

If you observe, many offline computers use Windows only. It is very difficult to think about a PC that runs Linux without having an Internet connection and doing all the daily work, like playing songs, videos etc.

Almost all Linux softwares have to satisfy dependencies. Dependencies are nothing but a package/software that is required to run another software. Almost 90% of the softwares of Linux have to satisfy dependencies which are downloaded and installed from internet automatically.

So, it is very tough to use Linux for daily purpose on a computer which has no internet connection. On Windows, there is nothing like dependencies. Every software is independent of one another, except some softwares that use .Net frameworks, which count to less than 5% of all Windows softwares.

This is solely my own opinion. Have your say, why Linux failed to emerge as  a popular or one of the popular operating system?