Are you fond of watching Youtube Videos on the web? If you are, then you will love this small Firefox plugin YouPop which lets you preview or watch YouTube videos on any website in a re-sizable popup window which means you need not open each video for preview. Also, you can watch it in light box environment or drag it on your screen or even re-size it just by dragging your mouse.

Devloper’s Description

* Preview videos in a popup
* Make the popup permanent by pressing the SPACE BAR
* Press ‘L’ to turn out the lights and move the popup to the center of the page
* You can drag around the popup and also re-size it

Move your mouse over YouTube video links on any website and YouPop will open the video in a popup. This lets you preview videos easily. The popup closes when you move your mouse away from the link. In case you decide you want to continue watching the video, pressing the SPACE BAR will make the popup stay open until you click the close button. You can then drag the popup around and re-size it. Pressing ‘L’ toggles the ‘lights out’ effect

Get Firefox Youpop  extension here.