I have been one of those guys who love to hate any Norton products, be it Norton Antivirus , internet security or something else. There were so many bad things that started to happen on your system as soon as you install any Norton product compared to the good things due to those  Norton products.

Among those, the first thing was it took a hell lot of time to install any norton product. Sometime almost as if you are installing whole operating system .

The process of installation was so slow and it looked as if its installing tons of bloatware which you don’t require.

And after u fnish installation and restart your system, its like ypu feel as if something too bad happened to your system. It boots up in much more time compared to normal bootup time. Even after bootup, the system runs so slow that u feel like throwing the system.

So you then decide to uninstall it. But you soon find that Uninstallation is more tougher job to do. Norton doesnt unninstalls itself easily. You needed special tools to remove norton completely from your system.

So why am i writing about norton here? Well, things started to improve with  2009 range of products. It began with norton antivirus 2009 and then it followed with internet security.

I will be talking about Norton 360 version 3.0 today. I started with installing it on my system and it installed in a breeze. The whole installation took even less than a minute. Thats a marked improvement from previous versions.

After installation i started to use the system and to my surprise the system was running smooth and not slow as i had experienced with earlier versions of Norton.

Another thing, when i did uninstalling  it took around 3 minutes to uninstall a much better performance. Overall I was impressed with Norton 360 version 3.0. If you want to to give it a try visit Norton website here.