Now Microsoft provides you 25GB of free online storage. All you need is your Hotmail or Windows Live account to sign in and you can store any type of file to a Private, Public, or Shared folder. No one except you, with your log-in name and password, can access Private folders; anyone on the Internet can view your Public folders, but only people you invite can see Shared folders. You can restrict invitees’ access to certain Shared folders or grant them Contributor status for viewing, adding, modifying, and deleting items in a folder.

Now there is no need to carry your storage devices with you. All you need is an access point and your data is as safe as it is in your owned hard-drive.

Microsoft is promising more to its users in future by providing features like storage of email attachments in SkyDrive, creation of slide shows of images stored in Public Folders and even more, for SkyDrive sky is the limit.

If you already have a Hotmail or Windows Live account then what are you waiting for.Just login to and get you 25GB free online hard-Drive.