Messenger Plus! Live (known more as its former name Messenger Plus!, commonly abbreviated MsgPlus, MP!L, or incorrectly as MSN Plus) is a freeware add-on for Windows Live Messenger . The software provides additional functionality to Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger by adding its own controls to the main interface. These controls affect Messenger’s behaviour and appearance, often through additional dialog boxes.

  • a set of text formatting codes similar to BBCode (people who don’t use it will see the BBcode among the formatted text)
  • custom status tags
  • multiple instances with different accounts
  • event logging and chat logging and encryption
  • contacts on desktop. Windows always on top which show a specific contact.
  • auto-reply messages, usually activated when away from keyboard
  • emotion sounds
  • tabbed chatting (all the conversations in the same window)
  • messenger locking (Boss Mode)
  • JScript scripting allowing users to add their own functionality.
  • Account Polygamy 
  • Messenger Lock
  • vent Viewer and Logging
  • Contact List Clean-up

Version 4.80 is full compatibility with the latest version of Messenger, Windows Live Messenger 2009 and includes tons of features.

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