Get lyrics of Songs inside WinAmp or Windows Media Player

How many of you are music freaks? May be many of you. And out of all of you, how many loves to read the lyrics of the music or song you hear either on your IPod or any other portable device or on your PC using Winamp or Windows Media Player. Getting lyrics for every song is almost a impossible job to do. Most songs or media doesnt come with lyrics preinstalled with it.

Now a simple plugin or add-on can help you get the lyrics of the song or music you are listening to, in just few seconds. A small”Lyrics Plugin” will display the lyrics almost instantly when you start listening to the song. Here’s what few simples lines on its website describesLyrics Plugin“.

Lyrics Plugin is a piece of software tailored for music fans. To put it simply – it is an add-on to view lyrics in WinAmp or Windows Media Player. No more searching for lyrics. Just start listening to your favourite songs and lyrics will be displayed automatically. Oh, and if lyrics is not found, you can add it yourself 🙂

This simple plugin after a simple install is integrated well with both Windows Media Player and Winamp smoothly. Just a note here though. You will need to install separate plugins for both Windows media player and Winamp.

Get lyrics of Songs inside WinAmp or Windows Media Player 1

One more thing, you need to be connected to internet for getting the lyrics of the song for first time. After that it saves itself in your system and displays lyrics even if you are offline.

Get lyrics of Songs inside WinAmp or Windows Media Player 2

I hope Music fans would love this plugin.

Download Lyrics Plugin

Leave your comments or feedback below in comments if i have missed something or you use another plugin for same.

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