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Firefox is too much easy to customise each single option and also with the help of addons you can add additional functionality to it.One of the options which i wanted to change was to , change the location of the cache which firefox stores in its default location.For some reason or the other like less space on ur drive or some securioty concern many of us would like to change the default location of the cahe.But i couldnt find a direct way to change it by going in its options or advanced options.

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Have you lost your master password?If you want to add another layer of protection to your Firefox browser, you can turn on the master password option. However once you have set the master password, you need to provide it every time to view sign-on credentials.Now if you find yourself not remembering your master password, there is an easy way to reset it.

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Tabs Close Tab CtrlCmd+WCtrl+F4 Close Window CtrlCmd+Shift+WAltOpt+F4 Move Tab Left(when tab is focused) CtrlCmd+Left ArrowCtrlCmd+Up Arrow Move Tab Right(when tab is focused) CtrlCmd+Right ArrowCtrlCmd+Down Arrow Move Tab to Beginning(when tab is focused) Ctrl Cmd+Home Move Tab to End(when tab is focused) CtrlCmd+End New Tab CtrlCmd+T New Window CtrlCmd+N Next Tab Ctrl+TabCtrlCmd+AltOpt+Right ArrowCtrl+Page Down Open Address in New Tab(from Location Bar or Search Bar) AltOpt+EnterReturn Previous Tab Ctrl+Shift+TabCtrlCmd+AltOpt+Left ArrowCtrl+Page Up Undo Close Tab CtrlCmd+Shift+T Select Tab (1 to 8) CtrlCmdAltOpt+(1 to 8) Select Last Tab CtrlCmdAltOpt+9 Tools Bookmark All Tabs CtrlCmd+Shift+D Bookmark This Page CtrlCmd+D Bookmarks CtrlCmd+B CtrlCmd+I Caret Browsing F7 Downloads CtrlCmd+JCtrlCmd+Y History CtrlCmd+H CtrlCmd+Shift+H Clear Private Data CtrlCmd+Shift+Del Miscellaneous Complete .com Address CtrlCmd+EnterReturn Complete .net Address Shift+EnterReturn Complete .org Address CtrlCmd+Shift+EnterReturn Delete Selected Autocomplete Entry DelShift+Del Full Screen F11 Select Location Bar AltOpt+DF6CtrlCmd+L Select or Manage Search Engines(when Search Bar is focused) AltOpt+Up ArrowAltOpt+Down ArrowF4 2.0 3: Command Shortcut Navigation Back AltOpt+Left Arrow BackspaceAltOpt+Left ArrowCtrlCmd+[CtrlCmd+[CtrlCmd+Left Arrow Delete Forward AltOpt+Right Arrow Shift+BackspaceAltOpt+Right ArrowCtrlCmd+]CtrlCmd+]CtrlCmd+Right ArrowShift+Delete Home AltOpt+Home Open File CtrlCmd+O Reload F5Ctrl Cmd+R Reload (override cache) CtrlCmd+F5CtrlCmd+Shift+R Stop CtrlCmd+.Esc Current Page Go to Bottom of Page End Go to Top of Page Home Move to Next Frame F6 Move to Previous Frame Shift+F6 Page Info CtrlCmd+I Page Source CtrlCmd+U Print CtrlCmd+P Save Page As CtrlCmd+S Zoom In CtrlCmd++ Zoom Out CtrlCmd+- Zoom Reset CtrlCmd+0 Editing Copy CtrlCmd+C Cut CtrlCmd+X Delete Delete Paste CtrlCmd+V Redo CtrlCmd+YCtrlCmd+Shift+Z Select All CtrlCmd+A Undo CtrlCmd+Z Search Find CtrlCmd+F Find Again F3CtrlCmd+G Find As You Type Link ‘ Find As You Type Text / Find Previous Shift+F3 Web Search CtrlCmd+KCtrlCmd+ECtrl Cmd+J Windows &

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