It seems like I have started to dislike giveaways here? The reason, Even before I finish one giveaway I got another in queue resulting in me writing less these days. So intentionally , I am delaying the next Giveaway that would have been live Today i.e. 10 (ten) Nova PDF licenses to be given away. Today I am going to talk about something more complicated.

I will be talking about a small Microsoft power toy or utility Fiddler2 which can log all HTTP traffic between your computer and Internet. I would just like to clarify at the start only, this tool is not for novice users. It is for advance users who know what they are doing. Even though this tool cant do any harm, still novice users should not use it if they dont know what they are doing.

Fiddler2 :Log all HTTP traffic between your computer and Internet 3

With Fiddler,you can inspect all HTTP(S) traffic, set breakpoints, and “fiddle” with incoming or outgoing data with the help of a powerful event-based scripting subsystem.

Fiddler2 :Log all HTTP traffic between your computer and Internet 4This small utility though very useful to system administrators , can be useful to avaerage users too if they want to know about the details of his system getting connected to internet and the different http connections it make. It can be useful if you suspect something phishy is going in the background.You need to have .NET  Framework ver. 2 installed on your system to run this application.

I wont go more into the technical details here as its very difficult for a normal user to understand it. If someone wants to talk more about it, he/ she can start a thread at Forums and we can talk about it there.

Download Fiddler2