It seems Facebook is adding some new Privacy controls after it faced criticism over the recent Privacy policy changes and some changes with the default settings making them more visible to public by default unless you change it.

Just today , I found a new privacy Control box just at the place you share anything on facebook. When you try to share something, A new facebook Privacy control box appears just beside ” Share ” Button which lets you decide who can see what you are going to share.

By default, The option of “only friends ” is selected, but you can select Everyone or Friends of friends option too. If you are more choosy, You can try ” Customise ” Option, which lets you filter people who can see what you share.

When You click advanced, You can choose who can see what you shared. Also, you can select people or your friends from whom the Shared stuff will be hidden.

It looks a great feature atleast to me and I hope many of you will like this too.

I would like to hear from you guys, the feedback about this feature in particular and other privacy features in general too.