Most of you including me is celebrating Christmas and spending the holidays with friends and family. Due to this, many of you may have felt a low Post activity by me here at Avinashtech. But that doesn’t mean I have stopped working fully. I am working on some good stuff in the background.

I have managed to grab some exclusive giveaway for everyone of you. The details and the product name will be disclosed after everything is final and 100% perfect at right place. The giveaway will be available to all the readers of Avinashtech for a period of 5 Days.

I want you people to have a guess. Can you make some guesses about what the giveaway will be? Just to give you a very small but insignificant hint, The software costs $29.95. If you want more hints, leave your comments and i will start talking more about it. Till then , enjoy your holidays.

UPDATE :– The giveaway post is live. Check it out here.