How much concerned you are about privacy and security on your system? Or how many critical and sensitive files or folders or any other data you want to hide from everyone? Even if you are able to hide them, do you encrpyt them with best encryption like AES so that even if someone finds them, it cant be opened or decrypted so that your data remains safe?

Today I will talk about how to encrypt Files, folders or data with 256 bit security with encryption algorithm like AES using a open source FREE tool called Trucrypt. I have talked about it in my previous post in detail. Here’s the step by step guide on how to make a encrypted disk partition where you can place anything you want to secure.

1. Start Truecrypt. Here you will need to click on create volume to start making a encrypted hard disk volume.

2.  After this, Choose the first option of “create an encrypted file container”. The other option provides a advance form of encryption which we will talk sometime later.

3. Choose “Standard Truecrypt Volume”

4.  You need to save the file at a appropriate location by clicking “Select File”.

4. Choose a file name and save it. Just keep in mind that the file location has got enough space that you need in total for your files later on.

5. After saving the file, on next screen you will find the option to specify size of the volume in and after that password for encrypting the Volume that you are creating. You have the option to use both  a password and a key file or just one. For more security , you should use key file too. But if you lose your key file then all your data will be lost as there is no way that it can be opened without a keyfile.

Keyfiles can be generated using random movements of your mouse. It also lets you choose the encryption algorithm like AES. So all you data is secured inside it.

You are done now after this. Now you need to mount the Volume created using truecrypt. Check the mount option in first screenshot. After you mount that file, it will look just like your hard drive. Remember you need the password and the keyfile you created to mounted the encrypted volume.

Now just use the Volume to keep whatever you want. It will be secure from anyone hackers included. 🙂