Today I was creating some forms to manage the Avinashtech Birthday celebrations Giveaways coming in just few days, I was stuck with a peculiar problem. After I created one form, was done editing and saved the form. After sometime, I again wanted to edit that form and I could not find a way to do that. Every time I opened it, I found the spreadsheet of the responses instead of the Form to edit.

I had to do a bit of search at Google help forums to find the solution. Here is how you can Edit a form again after saving it once.

Just open the File (Form) you just created from file list in Google Docs.

After the file is opened, you just need to navigate to “Form” in the File menu. Just click on “Form” and use ” Edit Form”. When you click it, the Form will open in a new browser window.

That’s it. You can now edit forms as and when required.