For many of us , sometimes we feel like securing some files / folders on our PCs so that none other than us can access those .The reasons may vary from personal to business ones.Windows doesnt provide a way to hide / secure folders / files in a secure way. We can just hide them using windows but anyone else can find them by enabling / disabling some folder options. So we need a better tool which can do this work. Some of the tools available  does provide this but they are expensive. For those of us who prefer a freeware for our day to day use and to secure sensitive data can have a solution in the form of Hidefolders.

Hide Folders is free software for Windows operating system. It allows you to securely hide folders with your private and sensitive data. Hidden folders can not be viewed or opened in Windows, they are invisible and inaccessible to other users and applications.

Hide Folders is free for personal and commercial use. Hide Folders is clean software, it does not contain adware or spyware.

Hide folders

A simple but yet very useful utility that can make your folders invisible at the first place so that nobody even aware of its existence and eventually make your confidential folders secure. It will able to hide any folders in your Windows PC so that eliminating the chance of confidential files being exposed without your permission.

The software utility is very simple to be used. Once install and launch Hide Folders, users can add as many folders that intended to be invisible to others when those PC systems are being shared publicly. At any time if you decide to make these ‘invisible’ folders to be available for the rest, just highlight on respective folders followed by a click on ‘Remove’ button and it will bring all back to normal visible state. To ensure no one else is able to access the software utility and know which folders are being hidden, users can setup their own protection password to make this a good solution to secure confidential folder in Windows PC.

Download Hidefolders.