I have already written about Floola being an excellant replacement of Itunes along with google calender support few months back. I wont be talking much about the features and why you should use it. You can just read my previous post about floola.

You can read the following posts if you want more details.

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Floola supports almost all features offered by iPods including photos, artwork, podcasts and smart playlists!
It automatically converts any incompatible audio or video file so that you can copy almost any file to it. It allows adding youtube and myspace videos with a single click. Now it even makes it possible to keep your Google calendars synched!

Version 5.0 released, recent changes:

  • better item list sorting (including in playlists)
  • season and episode number of TV Shows can now be edited
  • optional confirmation before podcast delete
  • improved png artwork support in mp3 files
  • does not crash anymore when removing rules from smart playlists
  • all episodes in a podcast can be marked/unmarked as unlistened
  • main listbox columns are resizable when browsing playlists
  • issue displaying small artwork on iPod
  • linux: check for other processes that might interfere with Floola
  • improved generation detection
  • improved compatibility with iTunes artwork database
  • faster artwork delete
  • iTunes 8.1 compatibility
  • fixed some exception while loading artwork on startup
  • fixed issues while quitting
  • threaded artwork library write
  • fixed cosmetic issues when using mid and big artwork thumbs
  • photo synch window minor cosmetic issues
  • text notes manage window improved
  • startup empty podcast error message was fixed
  • fixed a crash when deleting podcasts

Download Floola here.