Download EASEUS Partition Master 4 Home Edition for Free

Partitioning Hard disk is one thing that average PC user is always scared of doing. The reason being that most of average users don’t know how to do it correctly resulting in some time all the data being lost stored on the disk. Sometime, you mess with your operating system and its bootable options.

There are few tools that can help you do that like Symantec Partition  magic and Paragon partition Manager. But both of them are not free. EASEUS Partition Master 4 can help you achieve all that you want with your hard disk and above all its free for home use.

So basically what it does? Well starting from basic partitioning of your disk to advance options of partitioning along with creation of bootable CD/DVD disks plus copying feature for the disk, this tool performs great.

Partition Manager options
Partition Manager options

One of the nice feature but unexpected feature is option of copying/ cloning entire disk so that you can use it as a backup and restore it to any other disk for yourself if required.This tool is basically free to use for home users. For commercial users, EASEUS got a professional version which got a few extra features. The comparison between the two version and its features are detailed below in the Screenshot.

Partition Manager Comparision
Partition Manager Comparision

The major difference is that Free Version doesnt support 64 bit operating systems of Windows XP and Vista.  It also lacks the option of creating Bootable CD/DVD.

Download it here.

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