Ad-aware has been a well reckoned name in field of adware and spyware termination technologies. We have been utilising this great software for many years for our day to day spyware problems. Initially the product was free to use and after few years it moved to a commercial version and a free version.Still the free version is good enough for normal users to get rid of most of the spywares.

Now lavsoft, the company behind Adaware on completing 10 years is providing a free Anniversary edition of Adaware. Ad-Aware – Anniversary Edition offers radically improved performance and efficiency, along with comprehensive malware protection. With real-time monitoring, threat alerts, and automatic updates you can rest easy knowing that you are protected.

Real-time malware protection optimized for home users

  • Detect, Remove AND Clean
  • New!Ad-Watch Live! Basic integrated real-time protection
  • Rootkit Removal System
  • New!Radically improved resource efficiency
  • New!Lavasoft SmartSet
  • New!Customizable Profile Scans
  • New!External Drive Scanning
  • New!Pin-Point Scanning
  • New!Full integration with Windows Security Center
  • Easy to download, install & use

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