It seems Microsoft has started to promote its Office 2010 much before its final release. Few days back, they released the public Beta of Office 2010. Now , its another freebie though not big as Microsoft office 2010 Beta. Microsoft Press is offering “First Look: Microsoft Office 2010”, a digital e-book in PDF format by Katherine Murray, offering 14 chapters of early content.

The book is divided in three parts.

  1. Part I, “Envision the Possibilities,”
  2. Part II, “Hit the Ground Running,”
  3. Part III, “Next Steps with Office 2010,”

I wont talk into details about the book, but in short it gives you a preview of whats office 2010 has got in store for you. If you want to download it, you can download it from microsoft sky drive servers.

You can download the e-book here. It’s about 10.5 MB.