Lets say you’re not a professional in web designing or website building but just a novice blogger leading to downloading free web templates or themes that can be readily used with your blogger / wordpress blog as you are not capable of designing website right from the scratch. Most of the time we want to tweak and customize the template by changing some colors on it. Problem is, we have to identify the color that’s being used and the only way you can do it is by looking for it in the HTML code or CSS which is a big problem for someone who doesnt know CSS or HTML.

Now you can save all that trouble by simply picking a color on the page under your mouse and transforms it into a number of different color formats with the help of a small utility software called Colorpix.

ColorPix is a useful little color picker that grabs the pixel under your mouse and transforms it into a number of different color formats.

You can use the built-in magnifier to zoom in on your screen, click on a color value to copy it directly to the clipboard, and even keep ColorPix on top of all other apps and out of the way.

Best of all, there’s nothing to install – just download the tiny app and off you go. So grab it now, it’s FREE!

Product Highlights

  • Minimize ColorPix to the system tray, and keep it out of the way until you need it.
  • Set ColorPix to launch when Windows starts up.
  • Click on any color value to copy it to the clipboard. Press Ctrl-C to copy the HEX color (without the ‘#’ sign).
  • Press any key to lock or unlock the current color and the magnifier.
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon to keep ColorPix on top of all running applications.
  • Click on the ‘Magnifier’ button or press Ctrl-M to show/hide the built-in magnifying glass.

Download Colorpix here.