Facebook released a new messenger App today which lets you catch your friends on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android with Facebook Messenger. The Messenger App is available for download in Appstore and Android Market now. But looks like its not available globally as I tried to check it out, but both Android Market and Appstore denied access to it saying that “ This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.” As most of know, I am staying in New Delhi, India. Perhaps it will be rolled out later on to everyone or any regulation issues etc? I am not sure why its not available here contradicting Facebook blog post which said that ” “

 Messenger will be available for both iPhone and Android starting today. Just search for “Facebook Messenger” in your phone’s app store, or get a link to the app texted to your phone.

This new Facebook Messenger App is a work in direction of combining all your conversations in one place, including texts, chats, emails and message etc. If it gets successful, then texts, SMS from phones can be replaced fully. But that’s a long way to go.  It enables you to keep track of full history of all your messages whether you’re on your phone or on the web. I was unable to find any information about how the data will be stored and how it can be removed if required. If same Facebook privacy rules are applied which exist now, I will like to stay away from this app.

Features in Brief:

  • Reach friends right on their phones :- Now you can send messages directly to your friends on their mobile phones, so you stay in touch no matter where you go. Message friends or anyone in your mobile contacts.
  • Get and send messages fast :- With the new standalone Messenger app, now messaging with friends is faster than ever. Messages are delivered instantly, and they’re always just a click away.
  • Make plans with groups on the go :- Group conversations make it easy to message everyone at once and see where your friends are. Don’t want to share your location? Turn it off with one click.

As with any other Facebook App, this comes with the option of using your Location by default. You can use it location feature between friends to co-ordinate meetups, events etc. You need to switch it off if you do not want to share your location with Facebook.

We are still not sure how good this app is? Initial reports from users do suggest it to be a bit buggy and slow. We still need to wait for more time and feedback from users before we can say how good or bad it is. Also, Facebook must do something about its existing browser Facebook chat which has turned out to be bad after they changed it and included a sidebar. You cant even distinguish which of your Facebook friend is online or offline.

If you are not worried about privacy issues with Facebook then this App can be a great app for you and may replace your SMS, texts etc from your Smartphone. But if you are worried about privacy just like me then stay away from it.

You can get Facebook Messenger from Android Market and the iOS App Store.