Sometime I get amazed by the number of Addons available with Firefox for doing almost anything you need online or offline on the computer. Today I will be talking about a simple Addon ( Firefox and IE both) WOT which will make your browsing experience safer by warning you about risky or dangerous sites even before you click, that cheat innocent people, deliver malware or send spam by embeddeding malicious threats into webpages.

Protect yourself from online scams, sites with adult content, spam and other Internet threats. The WOT community has rated millions of websites so you can search, shop online and surf for fun without worrying.

As you can see it is basen on community driven rating system that are continuously updated by millions of members of the WOT community and from trusted sources, like Panda Security and PhishTank.

It integrates itself into the browser and displays the additional security information about the site you visit. If you search something in the browser using search engines like Google, it will display the related security information related to the results, making you aware of any problem even before you click.

It stops you from browsing websites that have a poor reputation in terms of privacy or security concerns. All this is helpful for novice users who are totally unaware of  security concerns while browsing the web.

One of the good things about this addon is that it is available for Internet Explorer (IE) , Google Chrome and Firefox both. So If you use any of the browsers, you can install this addon and browse web more safely.

As the ratings are totally based on community inputs, there are chances that it can be manipulated, but it looks like a rare case.

Get WOT here.