Many of us do keep a backup of our most important files or data in one form or another. What about the email messages which are stored at various places like Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Exchange, as well as POP/IMAP accounts (like Gmail and Yahoo) and local files? How many of us have a backup of those email accounts or email messages? For most of us, emails contain most sensitive information like bank records, personal information, login information etc. and hence we must backup these to some form of our local offline system.

MailStore Home is such a solution which lets you backup all your email messages from multiple applications too into one safe archive. You can import your mail from Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Exchange, as well as POP/IMAP accounts (like Gmail and Yahoo) and local files. You can store all your mail in an archive or Zip file and can read or search all your messages even by keyword or more advanced criteria.

Features (Developer’s Description)

Never Lose Emails Again

Emails get lost due to defective PST files or incomplete backups, for example. MailStore Home safely eliminates these risks.

Not a One Way Street

Emails can be restored from the archive individually or in their entirety using a variety of export features.

Fast Search Feature

Browse even hundreds of thousands of emails and file attachments (all formats) within fractions of a second.

Integrated Backup Feature

Backup your entire MailStore to CD, DVD or USB drives with a click of the mouse.


Often times, changing email service providers (e.g. from Yahoo Mail to Gmail) fails because existing emails cannot be transferred. With MailStore Home this dependency can be eliminated with a click of the mouse.

Smart Storage Technology

The smart storage technology is even able to manage large amounts of data rapidly and safely.

As you can see in the first screenshot, the GUI or interface is good with a combination of Windows Explorer  and a Wizard interface. The options like Archieve, search, Backup Emails etc. are available right on the GUI. You need not go deep inside the options. The best part is, you can backup all your email messages either on your Hard disk or USB drive or even Burn it on a CD or DVD.

It also provide you a portable version of the tool letting you backup email archive on any USB flash or USB hard drive.It can even be started directly from the USB without any installation.

Above all, this excellent tool comes for FREE for personal use.