It has been hectic work for me for past few days. Due to frequent downtime problems with my old host, I wanted to shift to a better and stable host. But I was just postponing the decision due to the amount of work it involved  and I had never moved webhsot by exporting my database. Previously when my blog was just a bit small, I have moved hosts using the import export tool of wordpress as it was so simple to do when you got a small blog.

Anyway, Finally I decided to move to a new VPS and a New webhost. I have now shifted to Knownhost. The migration was almost smooth with a few hiccups.

DNS propagation of this change may take few hours more and hence everyone will be reaching to blog soon. No downtime has happened during this migration as the old hosting is still active. So until DNS propagates, you will be reaching the old page without this post.

If you guys face any issues, just report it to me.