With Apple in no mood to support Flash on its devices anytime soon, developers have started putting their efforts on building apps purely based on HTML 5. Nico Engelhardt & Johannes Ippen from Berlin have released the World’s first’s Magazine only made with HTML5 “aside“. The first issue is like a demo issue to showcase the technology inside “aside”. It is free and hence you need not pay any money to start using it.

The Magazine has all the cool stuff, like videos, music samples, interactive elements and a really really great design. Just install it on your iPad using your browser and enjoy the experience. You need to visit the website and install it on your iPad from there. Its not available in Apple Appstore and looks like Developers dont even plan to do that in near future.

How do I install aside on my iPad?

There’s an icon next to the adress bar in your toolbar. Tap it and select “Add to Home Screen” from the menu. Confirm by tapping “Add” next to the suggested name – aside will now be installed on your Home Screen and is ready to go.

The Magazine is still in beta and hence you may experience a bit of sluggish performance on your ipad. But they will fix it soon. For those of you who have used Flipboard, this will be a refreshing change though the content wont be same as that on your Flipboard.

It’s a bit slow on my iPad – what can I do?

As aside is still being developed, this prototype doesn’t have 100% performance yet. To have a better reading experience, you can empty your memory by restarting your iPad as workaround.

So, if you got a ipad, Open http://asidemag.com/ on it to see the preview. I bet you will love it.