Winners : Google wave invites giveaway

Winners : Google wave invites giveaway

Just few days back, Google waves invites were up for grabs in the giveaway. Here’s the list of lucky subscribers who have won the Google Invite.

google wave logo - Winners : Google wave invites giveaway

  1. jhonienglish
  2. jkrehbiel
  3. mrm52858
  4. bobybob
  5. ravichauhan002

The Winners will be receiving the invitations soon. It may take some time as Google wave invites are not sent instantaneously. Congratulations to the winners.

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    • I sent the invitation same day at same email address that you used to comment on this post. Please check your junk or spam folders. I have checked my wave account and its showing your email address as being one of those people invited by me.

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