Skype 5.5 with deeper facebook integration released

Facebook and Skype are getting integrated into one another. Just few days back, it was Skype which got integrated inside Facebook for Video chat inside a browser using the Facebook interface. This time, its the turn of Skype to integrate Facebook. The latest version of Skype 5.5  comes with deep integration of Facebook Features right … Read more

How to delete Yahoo messenger online chat history

Some of you may remember my last post about Yahoo messenger 11 which brings Facebook Integration along with moving your chat or conversation history from offline mode to online mode, which means from now onwards, all your chat history will be saved online on yahoo servers instead of your local system. Also, there was no … Read more

How to disable Yahoo messenger online conversation history

Just yesterday I talked about Yahoo Messenger 11 beta being released with new set of features. One of the features which concern me was availability of your conversation or Chat History online on Yahoo servers which is quite bad in terms of privacy. As for most of us, Chat is often private personal stuff and … Read more

Download Yahoo messenger 10 offline installer from yahoo servers

For those of you who dont want to run Yahoo messenger web installer to install yahoo messenger and need direct download would love this. The web installer by default contains yahoo bloatware like yahoo toolbar which irritates most of us.

Even you can get the direct download link easily if you are using the URL Snooper just like me. I wont be talking much about yahoo messenger here as I am not writing a review. Previously too I have talked about downloading Yahoo messenger 10 beta and ver. 9 offline installer.

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Fix Yahoo messenger “stop working” error and exiting in Windows 7

Few weeks back i wrote about 10 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 7. That article led to some good comments both in favor and against windows 7. One of the reasons as i said in that article too for not upgrading to Windows 7 is the compatibility issues with different applications.

So why i am talking about this here? Well, my Yahoo messenger kept on stop working and exiting in Windows 7. Though right now i am on 64 bit of Windows 7 , i know this happened with 32 bit version too. Still everything doesnt work perfectly on windows 7 just as it does in windows XP.

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