Can You upgrade from previous versions of Windows to Windows 8 Release Preview?

Just yesterday Windows 8 Preview was released by Microsoft and is considered to be the last official release before the Release to Manufacturing RTM edition of Windows 8. So, you can call it Windows 8 Release candidate RC version too. Before this release, two more versions of Windows 8 were released by Microsoft namely Windows 8 Developer Preview and Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Due to all these pre releases, it is being tested by Millions of users worldwide.

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How to disable Auto Sleep mode in Windows 8

One of the small issues that I faced with Windows 7 is the Auto Sleep mode, which puts your system or PC into sleep or hibernation automatically if you don’t use it for some time. Even though this sleep mode is good for most people, its a problem if you are downloading a big file and you want your PC to stay ON instead of Going to sleep. I wrote a small post talking about how to disable Auto sleep mode in Windows 7.

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Lock access to programs, applications and their execution

Often you need to lock access to your system to other users for various reasons like data privacy, security or some other reason. Usually we do that by locking access to user accounts on the system or using a password to lock specific folders or files. Today we will talk about a free tool called AppLocker that prevents specified programs from being opened by unauthorized users.

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How to disable Metro UI and get old Start menu in Windows 8 like Windows 7

Many of you may have installed Windows 8 on your physical system or Virtual system. Even though, one of the best features that comes with Windows 8 is Metro UI, it may seem inconvenience for many to start using it instead of our old start menu just like in Windows 7. Today we will talk … Read more

Get Windows 8 look on Windows 7, Xp and Vista with Windows 8 transformation Pack

Windows 8 developer preview is released to public few weeks back but most users are reluctant to give it a try. The reason being that its still a developer preview edition ior those reluctant users who dont wana risk putting their hands on Windows 8 Developer preview edition  but still  want to have the same … Read more