Find URLs of streaming media (Audio, Video) or data

URL Snooper 480x310 - Find URLs of streaming media (Audio, Video) or data

How often you wanted to find the actual URL of any Audio ,Video streaming or any other data so that you can either download the actual media file or find out whats going on behind you in your system? Many times even you are fed up with web installers which download so many unwanted stuff … Read moreFind URLs of streaming media (Audio, Video) or data

Convert any video from one format to another easily with Handbrake

handbrake videoconvertor - Convert any video from one format to another easily with Handbrake

Many of you must have encountered problems with video formats not being compatible either to your portable player or media player and hence you cant transfer it from one media to another. For doing that you normally need a video format converter. There are rarely some good converters which can convert any format to another ( paid ones included). Handbrake is one of those good converters and that too without a price tag.

HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.

handbrake videoconvertor

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Top 10+ Media Players one must have

KMplayer1 - Top 10+ Media Players one must have

Most of you must be playing music files often along with watching movies on the system with your media players. Many of you may be still stuck with the conventional Windows media player to play all your files and must have faced difficulty with it.

Today i will talk about some great media players from which you can choose and then use it to play your media files without any problems anymore. These are the best alternatives for Media Player you may have now.


This one is a personal favorite for me. I always use this to play each and everything either its Audio or Video whether its VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime  or any other format etc. It lets you play almost everything  seamlessly. I havent ran into it not being able to play any format of media files.

KMplayer - Top 10+ Media Players one must have

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Ultimate list of 50+ top freewares

I am compiling a list of freeware tools that can do almost everything you want to do on your computer. Leave comments if you think i missed something.


OpenOffice – This one is the best alternative to Microsoft office suite majority of us are used to. Give it a try and its worth the money. Its free no money needed though but do almost everything that microsoft office suite does.
AbiWord – Its a decent Text editor for your small needs. Its not as comprehensive as Microsoft Word or open office word replacement but decent enough for many people.
Adobe Reader – Every one knows this though. Its the free reader that Acrobat provides for reading PDF files.
Foxit PDF Reader – Another PDF reader, an alternative to adobe reader and its much lighter.
PDFCreator – A tool used to create pdf documents from other formats.
Sunbird – Its a calendar/organizer good enough for all your needs.
EssentialPIM Free – Another  calendar/organizer.

Archive managers

7-Zip – A free compression program more than good enough for personal use and do all that commercial compression products do.

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KMplayer : Best media player you will ever need

KMplayer - KMplayer : Best media player you will ever need

Most of you often get stuck with your media files not playing on your system. They give either a audio error or vedio error or sometime both. And the error message you normally get is that format is not supported and you need a codec to run that file.

Today i will be talking about The KMplayer which almost plays anything. The few formats which it doesnt play sometime can be played with using codec packs like Klite about which i will talk in some other article.

You will be amazed with the amount of options that are available when you just right click on it , to get the menu options. It got option for everything you could ever thought about and many which you never thought about.

The KMPlayer
The KMPlayer

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