Whatsapp service goes down, Twitter abuzz with users reporting downtime [update: it’s back]

One of the most popular cross-platform mobile messaging app Whatsapp for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone seems to hit some sang. Whatsapp service appears to be down for most of the users worldwide. Whatsapp users around the world headed to Twitter to confirm that the disruption in Whatsapp service. You can access all the tweets … Read more

Enable Twitter two step authentication via SMS, Will not work for many

Starting today, Twitter has rolled out the two factor authentication to twitter accounts. Similar to Google and Outlook two step authentication, Twitter accounts too will now need another verification code apart from your existing password (if the security feature is enabled). This verification code is based on Twitter via SMS and a verification code will … Read more

Facebook introduces Promoted Page Posts

If you are a Facebook Page owner or admin and ready to spend some money to promote your posts, then here is some good news for You. Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Promote Posts” which lets you  reach more people who like your Page along with their friends.

If you want to promote a post or even a status update, just  use the sharing box or tool and create a post or a status update.

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Download Seesmic twitter client for Windows Phone Mango

One of the best twitter clients Seesmic available for mobile devices including Android and iOS, has been updated to take advantage of Windows Phone Mango specific features. The major features which use the new Windows Phone Mango specific features in Seesmic include Pin to Start, Live Tiles, support for Fast App Switching, a revised background, and … Read more