Get ready to delete your Instagram account

If you love to click pictures and share it over the web with your friends, family using the popular photo sharing social network service Instagram, then be ready to delete your Instagram account soon. This comes in the wake of drastic changes in Instagram privacy policy and terms of service announced here on their blog.

InstagramSome of us expected something like this after Instagram was aquired by Facebook which has a very bad reputation when it comes to users privacy. In simple terms, with these changes Instgram now has the right to sell users’ photos without any payment or even get notified about the use.

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Auto Hide IP Giveaway – 5 licenses [Forum Only]

One of our forum Moderators and our friend Mike is giving away 5 licenses of Auto Hide IP to Avinashtech Forum Members. Auto Hide IP helps you hide your real IP address, surf anonymously, along with automatically changing your IP address every few minutes guarding against identity theft,  hacker intrusions, and protect your online privacy.

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How to Export Instagram Photos to Desktop before Facebook takes Control

The post title may look odd to most readers as they will be unable to see the connection of Instagram and Facebook. We just heard that Facebook is buying Instagram for one Billion Dollars. As most of us know, Instagram is one of the most popular social network in terms of sharing of images with a community of over 30+ Million users worldwide. Just few days Back, with the release of Instagram for Android, they took one more step towards building a much bigger community consisting not only of iOS users but users from Android too. No one expected this coming.

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[Giveaway+ Review] Encrypt and Secure Files, Folders, Removable Disks with Secure My Files

Nothing is safe in this online world. Everyone is prone to cyber attacks but the level of exposure varies considerably depending on the habits of the netizen. If the user has secure habits, then he and his data are less prone to cyber attacks. Encryption is one such method that helps you secure your data … Read more