Facebook adds a new Privacy Control with everything You share

It seems Facebook is adding some new Privacy controls after it faced criticism over the recent Privacy policy changes and some changes with the default settings making them more visible to public by default unless you change it.

Just today , I found a new privacy Control box just at the place you share anything on facebook. When you try to share something, A new facebook Privacy control box appears just beside ” Share ” Button which lets you decide who can see what you are going to share.

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Download Yahoo messenger 10 offline installer from yahoo servers

For those of you who dont want to run Yahoo messenger web installer to install yahoo messenger and need direct download would love this. The web installer by default contains yahoo bloatware like yahoo toolbar which irritates most of us.

Even you can get the direct download link easily if you are using the URL Snooper just like me. I wont be talking much about yahoo messenger here as I am not writing a review. Previously too I have talked about downloading Yahoo messenger 10 beta and ver. 9 offline installer.

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Astrill (VPN) – Unlimited, Secure & Anonymous Internet surfing, 150 Exclusive Beta Invites

Most of you will remember my post about 15 best FREE VPN services for Secure & Anonymous Internet surfing. Some of them got paid  ones and some of them embed Ads in their service to recover costs.

I wont talk much about what VPN stands for or what it is capable of and why you should use it. Just refer my previous post to get these answers. Today I will be talking about Astrill, a New service that offers great features. Some of these features include unlimited, unrestricted access, both Windows and Mac support, No ads, Security and excellent support.

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Manage your Paswords safely with KeePass Password

Managing and remembering passwords can be a tiresome and bulky job for anyone including me. You need to remember passwords for almost everything. You need password for logging into your computer, email, banking accounts, credit cards, Networks, social networking and what not. The problem is you have different passwords for for every service even though sometime you want them to be same. The reasons for this include different password policies with different services and also due to security.

So how to manage them safely with good security of encrypted  database so that your passwords remain safe? KeePass Password safe can be good answer for this.

KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file.

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Top Free Anti Virus softwares to protect your System

Today i will talk about some of the best AV solutions that are available for free for home and personal use. I have tried to put together a small list of good free AV solutions available. Just a note here, the order doesn’t indicate any ranking. Take a look at these and give them a try if … Read more